$ M U L L E T

Join the Mullet Money Mission today.

HEDGE DAPP Bossman's Bakery

It's our pleasure to be able to introduce to you a phenomenal job opportunity. A company willing to pay individuals incredible amounts of money for sales and promotion.

Now, if the thought of making more money than you've ever made in your life means anything to you then you need to listen very carefully to what we have to say because this is not a joke. This is very serious business.

We have people in our organization right now that are making $5 $10 $20 $25,000 a month and more and if you're willing to apply yourself to the Mullet Money Mission, you can meet or exceed whatever dreams you bring to the table.

In business there are four foundations of growth; Foundation, Concentration, Momentum and Stability. $MULLET is in the last stages of Concentration and is about to shift gears into momentum.

I want you to understand one thing. Money absolutely cannot buy you happiness but it has been known to cause an occasional smile.

Climb aboard and become the top 1% of wage earners on the entire planet with Mullet Enterprises.

C O I N   I N F O

  • 1 billion supply
  • no contract owner
  • 100% of tokens in initial LP
  • LP locked in contract permanently
  • V3 LP with a 5 ETH initial market cap
  • 1,000,000 token max transfer for 5 minutes



$MULLET is a meme coin and has no intrinsical value or expectations of financial gain. It is purely based on satire and for entertainment purposes only.